Week 5: Choose one of the essential reading texts on “Narratology”, select one particular aspect of narrative form and analysis and use it to analyse a film of your choice


Pirates of the Caribbean is the film of choice. It is an entertaining film with a captivating story line that makes one want to see more of the movie. The movie has a variety of settings. Judging by its name, pirates are mostly found in the sea, and the film clearly reflects the life of a pirate and his day to day encounters. Its setting is both on land and sea. The film is full of fiction, but it applies some aspects of reality where the pirates dock and access the ground to steal as well as conduct their businesses.

The setting is a mixture of posh and unbearable circumstances and lifestyles. Pirates are usually interested in making money and amassing wealth. The setting of the film allows them to carry out their criminal activities. Besides, the main setting which is in the sea gives the Pirates a chance to hide from the long arms of the law. The sea acts as their strongest defence mechanism. The other vital setting of the film is on a cruise ship. The Pirates shift from ship to ship and take people, hostage. The ships are of different states since most wealthy individual travel in ships.it is most likely to find pirates on luxurious ships filled with numerous types of goods.

Another important setting for the film Pirates of the Caribbean is that of a ship wreckage.it not fair to talk about a voyage without including a wreck. Voyages are dangerous as numerous risks accompany them, shipwrecks are the most common types of disasters that face pirates. The remains in the film display luxurious ships that are filled with gold. The setting of the wreckage are based on unfortunate accidents that occur at sea, and this makes the film interesting, thus crowning a setting that depicts the real life of pirates and their struggles in their line of work.




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